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Rare Collectible Instruments

Some of the Strad’s and Guarneri’s sold by Strumenti

High End Instruments Available

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Major Instruments for sale now

Francois Tourte Cello Bow

Pajoet violin bow

T. Ballestrieri 1768

1729 Guarneri del Gesu

GB Guadagnini 1744

GB Guadagnini 1769

Pietro Guarneri (Venice) 1746

1732 Guarneri Del Gesu

1734 Guarneri del Gesu

1741 Guarneri del Gesu

1738 Guarneri del Gesu

1711 Stradivari

1702 Stradivari

1728 Stradivari

1718 Stradivari